Travertine Stone

Travertine has been used in the construction industry since the Roman era. The colosseum is one of the oldest and largest buildings in the world and is mostly constructed with Travertine. Travertine is a wise choice around swimming pools, outdoor entertainment and indoor wet areas as it will remain cool underfoot has a high co-efficient of friction meaning that Travertine will provide a safe walking and play service in these areas for the whole family. Travertine has a high natural salt resistance allowing it to be used inside your swimming pool as well as for coping and pool surrounds.

Travertine tiles can be used on walls and look great on floors and provides that clean airy look in any environment. Travertine tiles are naturally dense and hard-wearing, with pitted holes in its surface. These holes occur naturally. Nearly all travertine comes as cross cut, which means it has been cut across the pitted bands. They come in unfilled and filled finishes. Some installers use a grout to fill these holes, whereas others leave them open. Honed is the most popular finish. Very little maintenance is required with this stone.

Travertine Paving-warm and colourful-is extremely popular as it suits both indoor and outdoor spaces. It is particularly good for uniting the two and, when used as a continuous surface between an internal living area and the patio outside, creates a luxurious reminder of Mediterranean holidays. Classic Travertine Paving Filled can suit both traditional and contemporary settings and adds a sleek opulence to modern designs. 

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