Bluestone tiles can be used for indoor or outdoor areas but it is important that you lay them on the correct base generally on concrete with the correct mortar. They can also be laid on wood floors provided that the correct tile underlay is used. Our specialist can advise you on your particular use. In heavy use area such as driveways bluestone pavers should be used and most preferably laid on concrete. Once again our specialist can advise.

Bluestone is one of the oldest and most abundant minerals in the earth’s crust. Born from volcanic rock, Bluestone has naturally occurring black and grey fine grains that embellish the material’s uniform colours and shades.

Fashionable in Australia since the early 1800s, bluestone has been applied to many residential and commercial buildings. Due to its hardness, durability, long lasting appearance and easy installation, bluestone can be used as outdoor pavers as well as indoor floors.

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